Our imagination is a strong force, it is unique to us and we can never expect someone else to understand it completely. As a child, I had a recurring dream. I had just learned to float on water with my hands and legs absolutely still, in my dreams I could do the same thing in the air, for a very long time this was a very convincing dream, I was always floating on my ceiling and it felt like the most natural thing to do. But I did not share it with anyone else. …

The art of conversation lies in knowing when to stay silent, it’s all about the pauses and the right questions. I am 28 years of which the last 1.5 years have been in a pandemic which has given me the perfect opportunity to lock myself up and reflect on all kinds of thoughts. The person I have talked to most this year has been me. And I have understood conversations are not easy to have. Of all the people I have met in my life, there is one lady who stands apart from the crowd when it comes to holding…

I have always been fascinated by the deep blue sea. As a child, horizons inspired me, I always wondered what was there beyond the straight line that the ocean seemed to end at, I thought that was the point where the ocean became a waterfall and dropped off into unknown lands.

I lived in a landlocked city and always wondered how it felt to live by the beach, to have access to the vast blue world whenever one wanted. Luckily I got to live in Chennai and Pondicherry for a while, in Pondicherry I lived a mere ten minutes away…

A cure for pent up emotions

(Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash)

Today I am going to share with you my secret weapon to combat stress, anger, helplessness, and a myriad of negative emotions, it's something I have become a sort of expert at without realizing.

Whenever a situation is out of control and I feel shit has hit the roof, I let the waterworks begin. I find it an easy and natural way to cope with negative emotions. I don't cry often, but when I do I let it all out.

When I was in my teens I found it embarrassing to cry in public, I would have to find a…

A Vegan’s take on The Grind

Last year I made a shift in the way I consume food. Initially, it just felt like a change in my diet, but eventually, it became a lifestyle choice.

I grew up in a traditional south-Indian household. Our food choice was vegetarian due to religious reasons and dairy products became a crucial part of our diet. We derived strength from the calcium in milk, our comfort food was curd rice tempered with mustard seeds, chilies, ginger, and curry leaves.

Image by Tarla Dalal

We started our days with milk in our coffee and ended it with a glass of milk at night. 5 years…

Inspired from reality

6:00 AM in the morning Day One

Get a call from headquarters, get the top details of the mission, the potential list of suspects, includes 3 aunts and a religious uncle inspired by Whatsapp forwards have been identified

Have one hour until the maids start arriving, call them at 6:30 and brief them on the mission, any suspicious activity to be immediately reported, look natural at all times, at the end of every month a Google Pay reward would be sent, a monetary one, not stickers, lamps, or rangolis.

With the bait in place, all 4 cousins do a casual call at 7:30, everything seems normal, just…

Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

Someone has to die in order that the rest of us value life more-These were the words of Virginia Woolf. I find myself equally hating those words as well as agreeing with them.

Someone did die, around a year ago, someone I grew up with, the boy next door, and a childhood friend. I was indeed lucky because it was only at the age of 27 I seriously ever dealt with death.

This does not mean I did not see someone around me die. My grandfather died when I was 17, but for a long time he wanted to go…

A testament to the times we live in

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

We are living in grim times, especially in India. At times it feels like a war zone. A few days back I set myself up for the task of writing something every day, I have been trying to work on my consistency for a long time now, and having nowhere to go, now felt like the best time to build on it.

So I get my cup of black coffee and stare at my blank screen. This is the only time in the day that I reserve for reflection. …

I look at the Covid Dash-board every day, it is painful to watch, especially the deaths, the fact that anyone can be infected with the virus has settled in, it is the deaths that are disturbing, around the massively increasing deaths in India and the US are real people and not statistics.

In India everyone knows someone who is infected, our health care is fighting a losing battle on the frontlines, as a massive population where each individual has his/her own interpretation of the Pandemic decides to take actions according to his/her belief system

While we are all looking for…

Today on April 9th Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh passed away, there was a strange feeling when I heard the news. I live miles away in a different country, but I have always been fascinated by the royal family

In all his glory-Prince Phillip

The biggest fascination with the royal family is the mystery of what happens behind closed doors, in a world where things are broadcasted every single minute, social media accounts are flooded with pictures and videos capturing every single thought, idea, and moment, leaving very little or no space for privacy, its the mystery that creates a novelty and maybe fascinates people…

Nitya Muralidharan

Change is here, it’s Climate Change

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